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Access to the internet has shortened the learning curve for almost any activity you want to try, including homesteading. As a resource for homesteading information, YouTube can be invaluable for finding tips, tricks, and advice to make homesteading easier or more efficient. What homesteads on YouTube are the best resources you should be accessing to help your homesteading journey?

Homesteading channels on YouTube are one of the best internet resources to get good information on the lifestyle, but you need to filter the good from the bad. Channels recommended by other homesteaders are the way to find quality content without wasting time on channels with poor content.

Following YouTube channels related to homesteading can offer so much more than entertainment. They can be a valuable resource showing real-life examples of how and how not to do certain aspects of homesteading. We have several channels we can recommend that you will find useful and applicable to your homesteading situation.

What Are The Best Homesteads On YouTube?

While there are many useful homesteading channels on YouTube, many also use the platform to rant about their opinion or political agendas rather than offering useful information.

While there is a place for these topics on a homesteading channel, the overarching theme should be sharing information that is useful to other homesteaders, adding value to the entertainment aspect of the channel.

Trolling through channels to find something of value can be a tedious and time-wasting task. You may watch a few useful videos on a homesteading channel before concluding that the primary objective is clickbait rather than useful and helpful information.

We have been through the same process to find some worthwhile channels that provide helpful information, which we are sharing with you to save you some time and point you in the direction of some good information.

Some of the channels we recommend are not specifically for homesteading but relate to an aspect of homesteading and provide excellent advice on that topic.

Self Sufficient Me

You may be surprised to find out that this is an Australian channel, but it is one of my favorite homesteading channels on YouTube.

Self Sufficient Me is a channel run by Mark and is mostly dedicated to becoming self-sufficient with what you have available, and the easiest way to do that is to grow your own food.

He specializes in raised bed gardening and provides useful techniques to grow food using this method, best practices, and protecting crops from pests and local wildlife.

The main aim of the channel is learning organic gardening, realistic self-sufficient living, and keeping poultry as livestock.

Mark is down to earth, shows what works and what doesn’t, and is honest about his failures and successes.

Red Tool House – Homestead

If you are looking for a homestead channel that has a little of everything homestead-related, then I highly recommend Red Tool House – Homestead.

Troy McClung runs the channel and covers topics from building cabins to livestock management, homestead equipment, earning a living on your homestead, and practical considerations such as health insurance for homesteaders.

I enjoy Troy’s tongue-in-cheek attitude and his dry sense of humor, which adds entertainment value while you learn something useful for your homestead!

Epic Gardening

While this channel is not dedicated to homesteading, it is dedicated to growing an abundance of food in a small space.

Epic Gardening has a basic mission; to teach people around the world to grow healthy, nutritious, fresh food, despite the limitations of where they live.

The channel covers topics from vertical gardening to hydroponics, raised bed gardening, plant propagation, greenhouse growing, indoor growing, essential gardening tools, and how to grow specific, nutritious crops.

The focus is on growing plants in small spaces, and the techniques taught are geared to maximizing the space you have to feed yourself and your family.

While the topics have applications to homesteading, they are useful to people who want to start somewhere, even if they do not have acres of space to plant veggies.

A team of people contributes to the channel, giving a good variety of exposure to growing food in different settings and climate types, but the channel is primarily run by Kevin, who gives clear, concise, and useful advice for homesteading in a small space and growing your own food.

Simple Living Alaska

Alaska has one of the most extreme and difficult climates for homesteading and presents challenges that many other homesteaders do not encounter. Learning from the challenges experienced in this region will help other homesteaders manage the elements and come out on top!

Simple Living Alaska is dedicated to following the self-sufficient homesteading dream of the Illia family from Oregon. The channel documents their journey and the challenges they face in the wilderness of Alaska.

The channel features content on cabin building, gardening, cooking and preserving food, and various homestead project builds such as grow tunnels and providing your own fuel.

It is interesting to watch the challenges of everyday remote living and how the family deals with these issues. Every homesteader can benefit from learning from this content, and it is especially relevant for people contemplating a remote homestead life with a family.

Off Grid With Doug And Stacy

If you are investigating an off-grid lifestyle and wonder what challenges you could face in this quest, this channel is a great eye-opener.

Off Grid With Doug And Stacy is run by a couple who abandoned modern city life in favor of a pioneer-style life.

Doug admits that he and Stacy were green when they first started their homestead and learned many lessons along the way, including some difficult and costly ones.

The couple lives in a tiny log homestead cabin they built themselves and grow and raise the majority of their own food.

They are self-sufficient with water, harvesting rainwater for their needs, growing food and their livestock. They do not use government electricity to power their homestead and portray the importance of community in an off-grid lifestyle.

The content can occasionally be anti-establishment, but if you can overlook these occasional rants, the rest of the content is useful and has value for homesteaders at all levels.

The content ranges from off-grid living techniques to cooking and preserving food, using natural remedies, homestead building projects, raised bed gardening, livestock raising, rainwater harvesting, and living without electricity.

All aspects of off-grid living are covered, from composting toilets, foraging, old-school pioneer living techniques, and planning your homestead for the long term.


Homesteady is another good homesteading channel that takes you through a family’s challenges, pitfalls, successes, and failures on a quest to live the dream homestead lifestyle.

Homesteady features Aust and K, who had no experience in farming or homesteading but wanted a better life for themselves and their children.

The channel focuses on homesteading full-time and using the homestead to generate an income to support the family and grow and raise your own food.

The channel takes a realistic look at the homesteading lifestyle and presents the challenges and solutions in a truthful manner.

From hunting, fishing, gardening, raising and processing your own livestock for meat, making your homestead profitable, and facing challenges as a family, this channel has a wide array of topics useful for any aspiring homesteader.

Homesteady has good information on different livestock animals, how to choose the right livestock, homesteading equipment, homesteading while pregnant, fencing, and many other relevant topics.


YouTube is a great, easy platform with many useful resources for homesteaders. I find channels that show what the channel owners have experienced for themselves and how they managed the challenges on their homestead the most useful.

The information is enlightening and can give you ideas for solving your own challenges on the homestead or how to get started homesteading for the first time!





Alice is a writer who grew up on a beautiful homestead in rural Old England. She now lives in New England with her fur babies and is on a mission to return to the land for a simpler, greener, and all-round kinder existence.

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