Why Are My Cactus Growing Arms? [SUCCULENT 101]

Cactus growing arms.

Do you love succulents? If yes, then the cactus must be one of the plants you might have in your garden. Though growing and maintaining cactus is quite simple, there are chances that you might get worried about the health of your cactus. Like cactus growing arms (which is common), but if those arms are skinny, then it might raise questions.

So, let us find out why the cactus is growing arms and what you can do about it.

Why Are My Cactus Growing Arms?

If your cactus is placed where it fails to receive sufficient light, it will grow out of the arm. It is grown in an attempt to reach for the light. When kept at an angle from where the light bounces, the cactus will grow an arm in the direction where the light reaches.

Why Is My Cactus Growing Skinny Arms?

If your cactus is growing a skinny arm, there can be many reasons. It can be due to lack of light, over-watering, or even lack of nutrients. This will make your cactus weak, and the arm that will grow to reach the sunlight will be skinny.

What Is Growing Out Of My Cactus?

The most common thing that grows out of the cactus is the spikes or the arm. While spikes are common, the cactus arm is grown if it gets insufficient light. But there can be ariel roots growing out of cactus as well. It grows when the plant needs water and fails to find it.

Why Is My Cactus Growing Stems?

The main reason you would find your cactus growing long stem is the lack of sunlight. It is a way of trying to reach the source of the sunlight and have better health. You can resolve this by shifting the place of the cactus and keeping it near a window where it can get sufficient light without harm.

Why Is My Cactus Growing Funny?

There is nothing serious if your cactus is growing funny. Your cactus will become unhappy if they are exposed to too much light, too little or too much water, too cool or too hot temperatures, or a mix of all three. This will make them grow funnily.

Why Should You Grow Cactus At Your Home?

Cactus are great for home. Having cacti in the home has numerous mental and physical advantages. The main benefits of having cactus at home include:

  • Better air quality- It offers you better and improved indoor air quality. It cleanses the oxygen and helps in improving the life of your family.
  • Makes you happy- The cute and colorful appearance of the cacti will make you happy when you see it. You can transfer your stress to the cactus by taking care of it.
  • Makes you energetic – An indoor cactus might make you feel more energized and prepared to face the day.
  • Great learning experience – Keeping a cactus indoors can be a rewarding learning experience for you or your child. Children can learn responsibility by watering and checking on the cactus.
  • Help you heal – Because of their relaxing effects and stress-relieving capabilities, plants in hospital rooms have been demonstrated to help patients heal faster.
  • Therapeutic in nature – For people who have experienced trauma, having a cactus at home and caring for it might be beneficial. While working through the events, one’s mind can travel to the cactus, tending to its needs and caring for it.
  • Reduce background noise – When you’re attempting to relax in your house, cacti can help lessen the background noise you hear. This is because their surface area reflects noise away from you.

How Can I Make My Cactus Grow Faster?

To help cactus grow faster, keep a constant watering schedule, allow adequate air exchange, and water with soft water. Fertilize your cactus during the growing season and let them fall dormant during the winter. The following are some useful tips:

Winter dormancy

If you keep your cactus at home and have chilly winters, you should let it fall dormant. This will help your cactus create bloom buds and prevent uneven growth and nutrition depletion.

Sunlight in a growth period

Offering sufficient sunlight in the growth period will help your plants grow faster. But at the same time, you should save cacti from high heat as it can burn them.

Air exchange

Cacti require good air circulation to survive and cannot survive without it. If you’re maintaining cacti at home, make sure they’re in a bright position like a balcony, windowsill, or even outside.

Hot bath/greenhouse watering trick

Water your cactus before the sun comes up and cover them with a plastic cloche or another cover for an hour. Once the sun shines on your cactus, the humidity inside the cover will rise, simulating hot, rainy summer weather before gradually being removed.

Avoid repotting cactus pups

Don’t repot your cactus during flowering. Repotting your cactus is best done near the end of dormancy, right before the growing season begins.

Use natural water

Minerals that collect in soil and reach dangerously high levels are less abundant in soft water. Rainwater, distilled water, and bottled reverse-osmosis water are the best options for watering cactus.


Cacti benefit from slow-release fertilizers. It will feed cacti for a longer period, up to 4-6 months in some cases.

Repot promptly

Repotting your cacti regularly is essential for good growth and keeping your plant alive. It will avoid excess moisture or sticky roots that can harm growth.

What Are The Dangers Of Overwatering A Cactus?

If you are overwatering your cactus, here are some of the consequences that you might face:

  • A cactus that has been overwatered will look pale and drab.
  • Due to too much moisture, overwatering can cause plants to become soggy and limp.
  • Decomposition is inevitable when a cactus plant is subjected to excessive wetness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Cactus Growing Crooked?

Inadequate sunlight, overwatering, decay, and pests are typical reasons for a crooked cactus. Though they’re low-maintenance, there is nothing to worry about as long as you water them every now.

How Often Should Cactus Be Watered?

Cactus plants require irrigation every 7 to 10 days for best growth during the spring, summer, and autumn months. When the plant is resting or dormant during the winter, increase the time between watering sessions.

Can You Break Off The Cactus And Replant It?

Yes, you can use cuttings from the primary cactus to grow additional plants. Removing the cutting and correctly transplanting it helps to ensure that the new cactus grows effectively.

Can You Replant Cactus Arms?

Even if the cactus is destroyed, the bits that contact the earth will try to establish roots. If taken from a healthy cactus, you can use an arm to rebuild a cactus.

How Do I Make My Cactus Grow More Arms?

Place your cactus on a sunny, south-facing window sill or in the brightest part of your home. Rotate the pot once a week to ensure even growth. Keep your cactus in a temperature range of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.


The Cactus is a desert plant and does not need a high level of care and support to grow. Ensuring proper sunlight and an adequate amount of water is sufficient for the cactus to grow efficiently. Also, if your cactus grows an arm, do not worry. You need to just replace your cactus position to resolve the issue and can even use an arm for growing new cactus.


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