What To Do With Large Cucumbers?

What To Do With Large Cucumbers?

No, seriously! I get this question a lot! People being awash with massive cucumbers and having no idea what to do with all of them! Well, if that’s you, I am hoping I can at least give you a few ideas! You see, cucumbers are not just for sandwiches, you know! They can be used in all sorts of dishes, from soups to pizza! To get the full lowdown please read on….

What To Do With Large Cucumbers?

These extra-large cucumbers are ideal for use in dishes. Peel them, then cut them into quarters. Remove all of the pulp that contains the seeds, then slice or shred the remaining pulp. Some choices available are:

  • Get Souped Up

Cool Cucumber Soup is the best way to beat the heat on hot summer evenings. There are many variations on this simple idea: grate some cucumbers and combine them with some yogurt and your favorite spices.

  • Make Pickles Quickly

Four seconds, please? Because preparing these wonderfully tasty Asian-inspired refrigerator pickles just takes a few minutes. These Thai Peanut Chicken Bowls and summer BBQ sandwiches benefit from the mild sweetness and acidity of these sauces.

  • Drink Up

We’d like to introduce you to the Cucumber Lime Martini, a drink that’s half cucumber spa water and part “Mad Men” rocket fuel, and it’s just the type of refreshing beverage you need during the warm summer months.

  • Stay Cool

You’ve spent your whole life searching for the perfect ice pop, and now you’ve found it in the form of these Cucumber-Chili Mexican Paletas. Cucumbers have a high water content, making them refreshing and hydrating, sweet, sour, spicy, and ice cold.

  • Pile them on your Pizza

This Bahn Mi Flatbread is loaded with all of the powerful and spicy tastes of the popular Vietnamese sandwich, right down to the cold sliced cucumbers that serve to balance off all of that heat.

What Can I Do With Oversized Cucumbers?

Extra-large cucumbers are great for dicing or slicing in recipes that call for cucumbers. Cut them into quarters once they’ve been peeled. Slice or shred the leftover pulp after removing all of the seed-containing pulp. You can make tzatziki sauce, a green gazpacho, and a cucumber-yogurt soup.

What To Do With Large Overripe Cucumbers?

This quick and simple recipe for ripe cucumber relish is the ideal homemade dish for putting those giant, overripe cucumbers you bought from the market. You may utilize even the ones with yellow skins to create the delicious relish recipe perfect for topping your favorite foods.

Are Overgrown Cucumbers Edible?

Yes, overgrown cucumbers are edible, but they sometimes do not taste good. The majority of cucumbers that are allowed to develop to their full-size taste are fine. The reality is that older and bigger cucumbers might occasionally taste bad, but this is not always the case.

Can You Preserve Big Cucumbers?

Cucumbers should be completely cleaned and dried before being stored. Finally, wrap each cucumber in aluminum foil to prevent moisture collection and store them in an open-top container in a plastic bag. To keep cucumbers fresher for longer, keep them in the center of the fridge rather than the bottom.

What To Do With An Overabundance Of Cucumbers?

Raw cucumbers are delicious if you’re a fan of the fruit. You’ll stay hydrated with their high water content and cooling sensation. Using these five creative ideas, see how you can make the most of your excess cucumbers and prevent food waste.

  • Pickles

You can pickle your leftover cucumbers to maximize their shelf life and usefulness! Any fresh fruit or vegetable that you pickle retains its crispness and quality while becoming a more shelf-stable product. Pickled cucumbers go well with various foods, including sandwiches, charcuterie, and snacks.

  • Infused Water

This is a terrific way to use up any extra cucumbers or lemons or limes or berries or citrus fruits lying around! Fresh fruits and vegetables will provide a burst of flavor to your water and a dose of vitamins and minerals that will replenish your body.

  • Smoothies

Adding cucumbers to your favorite smoothies is another fantastic way to use up your leftover cucumbers. As well as a mild and refreshing taste, the water and minerals included in cucumbers help your body remain healthy by adding hydration to your smoothies.

  • Mocktails

If you have guests coming over, such as friends or family, why not try chopping up some extra cucumbers to use in an interesting recipe for a mocktail? If you want to take your mixing game to the next level, try making delectable mocktails using fresh ingredients that you include yourself.

  • Salads

You may make a Cucumber salad in several ways since Cucumbers have a mild and refreshing taste with many other salad elements. Here are a few of our favorite cucumber salad ideas to help you use up all of the cucumbers in your fridge’s crisper drawer that are currently piling up.

How To Store Cucumbers After Harvesting?

Cucumbers may be stored in the vegetable section of the refrigerator for about one week. Cucumbers should not be stored at temperatures lower than 4 degrees Celcius. You may prevent fruit from drying out by first rinsing it in ice water or wiping it down with a moist cloth.

Does Freezing Ruin Cucumbers?

No, freezing do not ruin the cucumbers when done properly. Cucumbers won’t go bad if you freeze them, but the consistency will alter. Cucumbers that have been frozen whole become mushy, yet smoothies still taste fantastic. You should slice cucumbers before freezing to maintain their fresh taste and texture.


Can I Store Cucumbers For A Long Time?

When kept correctly, whole cucumbers will remain fresh for about one week. Cucumbers that have been cut won’t keep for more than a few days in the refrigerator. It is in your best interest to wait to chop the food until just before you are ready to prepare or serve it.

Is It Necessary To Wash Cucumbers Before Storing Them?

Cucumbers should be cleaned and dried as soon as brought in from the garden or house. Using paper towels or a tea towel, pat them dry completely before storing them in a plastic bag. While keeping them, the towel will assist in absorbing any extra moisture from the environment.

How To Store Uncut Cucumbers?

Even though they are susceptible to damage from cold temperatures, the refrigerator is still the ideal location to keep cucumbers. Cucumbers have a shelf life of around two days if kept at room temperature.

Is It Good To Store Cucumbers In Vinegar?

You may keep these cucumbers marinated in vinegar in your refrigerator for up to three days in a jar or another airtight container as long as the refrigerator is kept closed. If you leave them in the oven for longer, they will lose their “crispness” and become limp.

Is It Important To Keep Cucumbers In The Refrigerator?

They’ll go bad considerably more quickly if they’re kept at room temperature. Place them in a zip-top bag as soon as you receive them back from the shop. Without an airtight container, cucumbers can soon wrinkle and alter texture in the fridge, which is better than leaving them out at room temperature.


It is harvest season. If you find that your garden and your house are getting overwhelmed with many giant cucumbers, you may want to try some of these ideas for utilizing them. This way, you don’t have to let them go bad or toss them away and waste them. Ensure to follow the right steps to ensure that your cucumbers are used at their best.


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