How To Stop a Neighbors Weeds Coming Through the Fence?

How To Stop Neighbors Weeds From Coming Through Fence?

A very common issue with neighbors who like gardening is when you have a neighbor that is not so diligent and has a garden full of weeds! In some cases, these weeds can end up crossing over to your garden. Instead of asking them again and again to address the issue, you can prevent these weeds from crossing your fence or even kill them at the fence only.  

There are a number of effective methods to do it, and this article will share the best ones among them. Keep reading further to explore them and protect your fence from your neighbor’s uninvited weeds.

How To Stop Neighbors’ Weeds Coming Through The Fence?

The following methods can stop neighbors’ weeds from coming through your fence:

  • Edging
  • Mulching with big rocks
  • Spraying herbicides
  • Installing weed barriers
  • Building hedges barriers
  • Fortifying Lawn
  • Pulling the weeds with bare hands

How Do I Keep My Neighbor’s Plants From Growing Through My Fence?

Pouring boiling water over the growing weeds as soon as they appear is effective in stopping the growth. It can kill weeds’ roots without harming the soil. Also, creating a barrier using garden edging along the fence line can be helpful.

What To Put On Borders To Stop Weeds Coming Through?

You can put landscape mulch or bark, weed control fabrics, ground cover plants, and chemical weed killers on borders to stop the weeds from coming through. In addition, consider scattering the gemstone granules on the surface of the soil from October to February.

What Can I Put Under My Fence To Stop Weeds?

You can dig a trench filled with landscape mulch near the fence to stop the weeds and grass by smothering them. It prevents weeds from growing further. The trench should be at least 8 inches wide and 4 inches deep next to the fence. You can put wood chips, gravel, or bark chips.

What Damage Can Your Neighbor’s Weed Bring To Your Garden?

  • Uneven distribution of resources

A consistent supply of water, sunlight, and nutrients is important for the proper growth of your yard-grown plants. But, when weeds grow between them, the distribution gets shared and becomes uneven across the vegetation. Thus, the healthy growth of your plants gets hindered.

  • Spread of diseases

The uninvited weed growth also causes the spread of many diseases in your yard area. They come with many disease syndromes that affect the plants’ yield in the yard.

  • Takes up your crop space

Plants need adequate space to grow and receive nutrients better. But weeds tend to block your vegetables and flowers from getting the required rainwater or sunlight.  

Can Pre-emergent Herbicides Prevent Neighbors’ Weeds From Crossing Your Fence?

Pre-emergent herbicides like Glyphosate can wipe out a good portion of weed plants. However, you can also consider organic alternatives. Chemical pre-emergent solutions can cause contamination and self-poisoning. Thus, make sure to wear protective gear while you spray the solution.

How Does Edging Stop The Spread Of Weeds Through The Fence?

Edging using a trench around your garden bed is a cheap yet effective method to prevent weed development. Make the trench 4 inches wide and 6 inches deep. It stops the spread of weed right through the fence.

How Landscape Fabric Prevents Weed Growth Through The Fence?

Landscape fabric materials build a physical barrier between the sun and the soil. These limit the weed growth from soil-bound weed seeds by preventing proper sunlight from reaching them. However, weed seeds may blow into the mulch over landscape fabrics and sprout there.

How Effective Is Fortified Lawn In Preventing Weed Growth?

Fortified Lawn having a thick lush is great prevention to weeds in itself. They make the germination of weed seeds difficult. It also prevents them from rooting through any migrating stem. Ensure to keep the turf in the best conditions by consistently aerating, watering and fertilizing.

How Do I Kill the Grass Next To My Fence?

You can use a weed-eater that’s effective in wiping up different kinds of weeds and grasses. But, it’s less effective if the grass has hard stems and can survive cold, for example, underbrush or thick vines.

Does Building Sand Stop Weeds?

Yes, using sand is one of the best ways to stop the growth of weeds. You need to combine the dry sand with a good weed killer. Make a coat around the sand with the chemical showing a high pH value. This method works best to stop weeds at block paving joints.


Can I Pull My Neighbor’s Weeds?

Yes, you can. But ensure to pull the weeds up by their roots. Even a small root piece left in the soil can regrow them.

Is It Better To Pull Or Kill Weeds?

It depends on the degree of growth of the weed on your Lawn. If they are less in numbers, it’s better to pull them from the roots. But, if they are present in large numbers, then prefer spraying selective herbicide. It will quickly kill widespread weeds across your Lawn.

Does Vinegar Kill Weeds Permanently?

Yes, vinegar easily kills growing weeds permanently, keeping your fence and yard area weed-free. The best types to use are distilled malt, apple cider, and white vinegar.

What Do You Spray On The Fence Line?

You can spray any reputed weed killer herbicide on the fence line. Make sure it comes with a bottomless nozzle. It is much more convenient and accurately targets spaces in a fence line.

How Do You Stop Weeds Growing Through Cracks?

Use hot water on the cracks to stop weed growth. When you pour the boiling water directly through your stovetop or kettle into the cracks, it stops the weeds from spreading and gradually kills them. The weeds are intolerable to intense heat.

What Time Of Year Should You Spray Fence Lines And Why?

Spring is the best time for spraying your fence lines, followed by the Fall. Weeds are at their early growth stage during the spring season, making it easy to kill them. During Fall, again, these weeds are in their most vulnerable stage.

How Late In The Day Can You Spray Weeds?

It depends on the surrounding temperatures. If the temperature is below 28 degrees, then you can apply the herbicide spray any time late at night. But, if it is above it and remains the same for over 4 hours, then weeds would die on their own, and you won’t need to spray.

Can Salting Fence Line Prevent Weed Growth?

Yes, salting the fence line can effectively prevent weed growth. You can use rock salt to clean the space below the fence. Sprinkle a few chunks of rock salt all over the soil’s surface wherever you see weeds.

How Long Does it Take For Salt to Kill Weeds?

At a minimum, the salt might take around ten days to start killing the weeds. However, the actual time would depend on the size of the weeds and the weather conditions of the surrounding area.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Weeds?

A few methods like mulching with rocks, pouring with hot boiling water, and using strong vinegar are the fastest ways to kill the weeds. Apply them as soon as you notice the unwanted weed growth to get better results.


Unwanted weeds from your neighbor’s yards crossing your fence are annoying and bad for your yard vegetation. However, you can talk it out with your neighbor and deal with the situation together. But, if they don’t cooperate, you now have a number of effective methods to resolve the issue on your own.

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