Polka Dot Plant Leaves Curling? Do This!

Polka Dot Plant Leaves Curling

Have you ever wondered why your polka dot plants leaves curl even after doing everything a polka dot plant needs? You are giving sufficient sunlight, fertilizers, and watering every day, but the leaves are curling? If so, this is the right page to know why leaves have curling issues and how to counter them.

Why Is My Polka Dot Plant Leaves Curling?

Curled & crinkly leaves are a common issue in polka dot. This issue will pop up when the plants are exposed to more than the required sunlight. Especially if it is exposed to too much direct sunlight, curling will happen. So, do not keep where sunlight will directly touch the plants.

What Does An Overwatered Polka Dot Plant Look Like?

You can find out the overwatering by using the below methods.

  • Put a stick or finger inside the soil and check whether it is a quarter-inch wet. If so, it is overwatered.
  • Overwatered plants’ soil will be darker.
  • If the leaves are drooping and wilting, it is a sign of underwatering.
  • If the foliage of polka dot plants is brown and yellow, it is a sign of overwatering.
  • You can also lift and check the weight of the pot. If the weight is more, it is a sign of overwatering.

How Do I Fix My Plant Leaves Curling?

You need to take care of the below nine things to assist the plant in growing quickly and healthily.

  • Water

You need to provide enough water to the plant and ensure to rewater once 25% of the soil becomes dry.

  • Light

Polka dot plants are susceptible to sunlight. Too much or too little sunlight causes various issues to the plants. Hence it is recommended to plant under the shade or plant in a pot that gets enough bright and indirect sunlight.

  • Soil

Polka plants like rich, airy soil that drains well.

  • Fertilizer

The right amount of fertilizer is also essential for the polka plants. If it is summer, provide fertilizer every month, and in winter, feed fertilizer on alternative months.

  • Right humidity

These plants grow well in the humidity. Hence try to keep the temperature around 75 degrees.

  • Pruning

To prevent the plants from looking thing and leggy, you should prune regularly.

  • Pest control

Using natural pest-controlling formulas, you need to control the pests from attacking the plants. The common threat to the polka plants are mealybugs, aphids, and whiteflies.  

  • Dealing the diseases

If you overwater the plants, it can cause root rot and powdery mildew. You can use home remedies and fungicides to counter these diseases.

  • Proper propagation

Propagation means making more plants from the original plant. You should do this task only when the plants are healthy and without damaging the other branches.

Should I Mist My Polka Dot Plant?

You can mist the polka plants. This will ensure the growth of the plants. However, you should not mist the plants in the middle of the day since it can hurt them.

Do All Polka Dot Plants Have Flowers?

Yes, all the polka plants bear flowers. Unfortunately, it is the last stage of the plant, and if you leave them to flower, it takes more resources and makes the plants die eventually. The polka plants’ flowers are small, so they are difficult to recognize until they bloom.

Why Is Polka Dot Plant Dying? 

This can be because of various problems. If everything is available in the correct quantity, it will be healthy. Overwatering, underwatering, and overfeeding the plants are harmful to Polka dot plants. Humidity and improper lighting also pose some threats to the plants.

Why Is My Polka Dot Plant Turning Brown?

Polka dot plants also get brown because for various reasons. They can be because of light, water, fertilizer, and hard water usage.

  • Lack of Proper Light

Too much and too little sunlight will result in brown leaves. So, it is crucial to know how much sunlight it requires, and you can place the plant where it gets 2-3 hours of sunlight per day, depending on the climate and environment.

  • Underwatering

The usage of too little or too much water can cause the browning of polka dot plants. Hence provide only the required amount of water.

  • Excessive Fertilizer

If you recently fed fertilizer and see brown foliage after that, it might be because of the overfeeding. If that is the case, remove the excess fertilizer by pouring water.  

  • Usage Of Hard Water

If the water is hard, you can see the brown leaves in polka dot plants.  

Why My Polka Dot Plant Leaves Are Turning Yellow? 

In Polka dot plants, overwatering is a major thing that makes the leaves yellow. Overwatering will cause water clogging, and consequently, water becomes soggy. The soggy soil creates yellow leaves, and eventually, they will fall. Overwatering also causes the issue of powdery mildew and root rot.

Can I Plant A Polka Dot Plant Outside?

Yes, you can pant them outside but take care of the sunlight. It should not get direct sunlight. If you plant under the shade and ensures it gets bright indirect sunlight, the polka plants grow best in outdoor conditions. For the survival of the plant, outdoor conditions are more suitable.



Why My Polka Plant Crispy?

Keeping the polka plants in a place where humidity is low can cause crispy leaves. If the humidity is down, you can increase that by installing a humidifier. Alternatively, you can keep a bowl filled with water near the plants. It is a low-budget and effective technique to increase humidity.

Why Is My Polka Dot Plant Drooping?

The drooping problem in polka plants arises when the plants are not getting enough water. The immediate effect of the underwatering is the drooping of foliage, and eventually, it turns into brown leaves. And direct sunlight can also cause drooping issues. So give enough water and Indirect sunlight.

Why My The Polka Dot Plant Losing Its Colour?

Like other plants, polka plant leaves color is also directly linked to the sunlight. To keep their vibrant color, the plants need bright indirect sunlight. You should keep the plants on a west-facing side to get enough indirect sunlight. Too much direct sunlight results in losing color.

Why Is My Polka Dot Plant Fuzzy?

If your polka plant is fuzzy, it can be because of a fungal infection. It is a common issue, and you need not panic. The outgrowths are known as trichomes, and they avoid excess evaporation. Trichomes assist in deterring insect plants.

Does The Polka Dot Plant Die After Flowering?

Flowering requires a lot of energy from the polka plant. It is the same in all plants, and it requires a lot of resources. If they produce flowers, it will drain the energy, and eventually, they will die. Hence, you need to control this process. Once you notice the flower, you need to cut them off.  

Does The Polka Dot Plant Love The Sun?

Yes. The polka plants like bright and indirect sunlight. But they do not love the direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can harm plants. Placing near the west-facing window is the best place since it gets bright and indirect sunlight. If that is not possible, try to avoid the direct sunlight on plants.


The curling leaves are not a new thing in the polka dot plants. If the plant is not placed in the optimal location, it can cause curling leaves. They require humidity and filtered light. If you put it in a west-facing window, it is optimum. And if you take proper care, this problem will not come.

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