Is Your Polka Dot Plant Dying? Read This!

How to look after a polka dot plant.

Polka dot plants (also known as Hypoestes Phyllostachys) can become a tedious task to take care of!! However, if you know what you are doing, its lifespan is around two years. But if you start seeing yellowing leaf tips before this point, you may be in trouble! Your Polka Dot plant may be dying!

Read this short article to learn more about the reasons behind the dying polka dot plants, and the best ways to save them.

How Do You Save A Dying Polka Dot Plant?

Fortunately, polka dot plants can be saved from dying. Here is a list of solutions you need to choose to stop further damage to this lovely home plant.

  • Place it in the sunlight.

Placing the polka dot plant in bright sunlight might save it from getting brown leaves. Brighter locations often are responsible for providing enough light to the plants.

  • The suspect temperature of the room

Suspect the room temperature to prevent the plant from dying. Therefore, always keep the temperature between 18 and 26°C.

  • Start watering houseplants  

Polka dot plants will die if you don’t give them a moderate amount of water. You can place an air humidifier or pour water into the potted plants.

Can You Revive A Dead Polka Dot Plant?

Yes, you can revive a dead polka dot plant with the help of water. Interestingly, when the plants undergo underwatering, the soil becomes dry. As a result, the whole plant eventually dies. Its foliage can turn yellow. However, you can bring it back to life by watering thoroughly and properly.  

What Is Wrong With My Polka Dot Plant?

If you notice brown or yellow leaves of a polka dot plant, it is most likely due to soil drying. The crispy appearance of the tip of the leaves begins at the initial stage of plant damage. This happens when it receives inadequate sunlight, high temperature, and underwatering. But you can save it.

Why Are The Leaves On My Polka Dot Plant Turning Brown?

The leaf tips of a polka dot plant turn brown if exposed to bright sunlight. Along with this, poor hydration also leads to the crisping of leaves. A plant requires a delicate balance of light and water. Make sure you pour water into the plant’s pot to avoid such problems. Also, place it in indirect light.

Why Is My Polka Dot Plant Dying?

Though there are various behind the withering and dying of this beautiful houseplant, we have listed the major ones.

  • Inadequate lighting

One of the factors leading to the death of polka dot plants is inadequate sunlight. But you can prevent it by keeping the plant in sunlight.

  • Poor soil

Much like inadequate light, bad soil quality damages the polka dot plant. The best way to improve the soil is by using an all-purpose organic potting mix.

  • Pests

Pests are another factor that causes damage to the polka dot plant. The common pests, including mealybugs, whiteflies, and aphids, can interfere with the plant’s photosynthesis process.

  • Underwatering 

Underwatering is a quite common mistake people make. Dry soil due to underwatering is most likely to turn green leaves into yellow color.

  • Over-watering

Besides underwatering, overwatering is one of the leading causes of making the plant wilt. As a result, watering too much can be lethal for polka dot plants.

Why Is My Polka Dot Plant Fading?

There is some reason behind the polka dot plant’s leaves fading. Firstly, it may be due to a low-light location. Obstruction of light is responsible for fading the foliage colors. The plant starts dropping quickly if kept away from the windows. The only solution to avoid fading is to keep plants in light.

How To Save My Polka Dot Plant From Dying?

Make sure to keep the soil moist in which you planted the saplings. Other than this, you can save your polka dot plants from dying by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Keep watering

When the liquid reaches the soil and roots of polka dot plants, it starts growing easily. Water the plant every hour as it has a low water retention capacity.

  • Place it in a new pot.

Remove the root of the plant from the old pot. Then, use a fungicide solution to remove the dead and damaged root ball.

  • Keep in bright sunlight.

Make your plant sit under indirect and bright light. Plants, when exposed to adequate sunlight, increase bleaching and treat withering.

  • Remove yellowed leaves

By removing yellowed leaves, you may further avoid a recurrence of the problem. It can be devastating for polka dot plants.

How Will I Know That My Polka Dot Plant Is Dying?

To know that your polka dot plant is dying, inspect the leaves, soil, stem and root regularly. Some of the symptoms or abnormal changes you might notice in the polka dot plants are as follows:

  • Drooping and crispy leaves
  • Water-soaked blisters on the foliage
  • Yellowing of leaves
  • Browned leaf
  • Rapid shedding of damaged leaves
  • Stunted growth
  • Weak roots and stem

What Should Be The Room’s Temperature To Keep Polka Dot Plants Safe?

The temperature of the room should be between 18°C and 26°C. Very low or high temperature can be a causative factor in decreasing the lifespan of the plants. Your houseplants cannot tolerate temperatures under 18°C and above 26°C. It will do wonders for these beautiful plants.

Does A Polka Dot Plant Have An Immune System?

The polka dot plant has a great immune system. It has its own air purifying qualities. The plant is nontoxic but a safe choice for gardeners. However, the polka dot plant requires sunlight for its function.  If kept in poor light, its essential process may stop. It decreases the plant’s life.


Do I Need To Keep My Polka Dot Plant In Sunlight To Save It From Dying?

You should keep a polka dot plant in sunlight to save it from dying. Also, make sure to remove brown-colored leaves that are severely damaged. The plant frequently requires more light. Poor and indirect light can affect sensitive roots and soil.

How To Take Care Of A Polka Dot Plant?

The solution for saving polka dot plants is straightforward. You need to remove the damaged leaves. Drain the pot up to 1 inch if yellow leaves are visible. Keep to a location with plenty of bright natural light. Even the organic soil mix can increase houseplant growth.

What Type Of Soil Should I Use For My Polka Dot Plant?

Plant your polka dot plant in a pot full of all-purpose organic soil mixture. Add coarse sand or perlite along with the soil mixture. Feeding heavily is the best thing to do. An organic potting mix is important for the growth of the plant.

Why Does A Polka Dot Plant Start Drooping?

The polka dot plant starts drooping due to low humidity, inadequate sunlight, shallow watering, poor soil, pests, and root rot. Moreover, lack of nutrients and fungal infections are quite common causes of drooping.

How To Grow Polka Dot Plants At Home?

Grow the plant in soil rich in nutrients, such as an organic soil mixture. Water the plant on the first day you put it in the soil. Keep in mind that roots even require moisture. Additionally, take a big pot so that the plant does not dry quickly.


Though a polka dot plant requires moisture, humidity, and a warm location, regular pruning should be done to make the plant bushier. Good light and hydration are ideal for a pink spotted houseplant. Plants transpire and undergo the process of photosynthesis when given enough nutrients.


Alice is a writer who grew up on a beautiful homestead in rural Old England. She now lives in New England with her fur babies and is on a mission to return to the land for a simpler, greener, and all-round kinder existence.

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